Jan 2020

Donations received from Rowland Brothers Xmas Fund and Dr Jean Gooding MBE.

Jan 2019

Rowland Brothers Xmas Fund donated £923.75

Dr Jean Gooding donated £125.

Dec 2018

Mrs G Ranson donated £50 in memory of Dot Cress.

Nov 2018

Croydon Lodge of Concord donated £100.

Pathfinders donated £67.50

Mr J & Mrs L Smith donated £25.

Oct 2018

Rowland Brothers Foundation donated £1270

Mrs Mair - Baptist Church donated £450.10p

July 2018

In memory of Michael Richardson - £205

Mar 2018

The Green Dragon Pub raised £60.16

Gill Manson did the O2 walk and raised £524.72

Councillors Carole Bonner and Simon Hall donated £1,000

Feb 2018

Rosalind Miles donated £25

Rowland Brothers Christmas 2017 Memorial Fund donated £715

Jan 2018

Dr Jean Gooding MBE donated £125.

Sept 2017

Dance with Grace raised £120 on the Fun Walk. 

The Scouts, Lodges, etc donated £1045.75 from the Fun Walk.

Our Chair Linda Cress and Terry Letts donated £500 from car boot sales they attended.

Local resident Ms Upfold donated £25.

Deborah Guilford donated £30.

The Green Dragom donated £30.03p.

Callum Grinham donated £44.10 via GIVEACAR.

June 2017

Inner Wheel Club of Croydon donated £100.

St. Edwards Womens Fellowship donated £50.

Addiscombe & Shirley Rotary Club donated £200.

April 2017

The CO-OP Community Fund donated £3,100.52.

Croydon Sincerity Lodge donated £250 and Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey donated £1,000.

Feb 2017

Rowland Brothers Xmas Tree 2016 donated £610.

Jan 2017
Dr J Gooding donated £100, Mr T Sales & Mrs P Sales donated £25
The Goose Pub raised £40.00 and The Green Dragon Pub raised £82.40 (raffle) and £36.54(collection pot)
Dec 2016
The Sir Francis Drake Chapter in Biggin Hill donated £200
Oct 2016
The Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee Trust Fund donated £200
July 2016
Ann Osborne donated £50, St. Edwards Church congregation donated £520
June 2016
The Lodge of Allegiance donated £250
April 2016
Waitrose, Sanderstead donated £440
March 2016
Mrs Mclellan donated £110
Feb 2016
Dr Jean Gooding donated £100, Rowland Brothers Charity Fund donated £677 and Gavin Barwell MP donated £200 via MORI.

Jan 2016
Relief Chest Scheme donated £200 & Rowland Brothers Memorial Tree donated £65.

Nov 2015
Last Night of the Croydon Proms donated £1,000.
June 2015
Inner Wheel Club of Croydon donated £100.

Rotary Club of Croydon East donated £400.
March 2015
Mrs Valerie Constable donated £30. Fenchurch Lodge No 5663 donated £220.
Jan 2015

Dr Jean Gooding MBE donated £100 and from Rowland Brothers Christmas Memorial Tree we received a total of £582.50.

Oct 2014

The New Addington Baptist Church Ice Bucket Challenge donated £291.60.

Sept 2014

Mrs Y Perriam donated £20.

July 2014

The Coulsdon Chapter of Perseverance donated £500.

June 2014

The Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee donated £1,000, The Woman’s Guild of Sanderstead donated £50, Mrs J May donated £10 and The Rotary Club of Croydon East donated £250.

May 2014
Waitrose of Sanderstead donated £610 through their Green Coin collections, St Edwards Church donated £760 and the Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee Trust donated £400.